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What costs do you refund if an event is cancelled or postponed?

When a show is cancelled or postponed due to circumstances beyond our control, a face value refund is issued. This is minus the booking and transaction fee as stated in our Terms and Conditions agreed upon at the time of booking.


As a ticket agency, we sell tickets to the general public on behalf of the promoters of an event. The decision to cancel or postpone a concert is that of the promoters and is completely beyond our control. When an event is cancelled or postponed, we inform all of our customers whom have purchased tickets of the alteration by phone, letter or email.


Each ticket that we sell carries a booking fee and a transaction fee. The booking fee pays for our services - the business costs of operating a website and 24-hour call centre, Customer Service department and despatch teams and is the only payment that we receive for operating.


A transaction fee covers the cost of printing, packaging and postage for your tickets, and applies even if an order is set for collection at the box office.


When a show is cancelled or postponed, these fees are retained as we have still provided these services, and cannot issue a refund for them. This is all detailed in our terms & conditions which you are asked to read at the time


More information on the fees can be found by clicking here.


If you would like to discuss this further please contact The Society of Ticket Agents & Retailers. (STAR) directly.


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