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More information about the See digital ticket wallet app

See Tickets Wallet app is available on Android and iOs. Please ensure that you search 'See Tickets Wallet' in the app store. 


The wallet will be used in conjunction with a digital ticket that is only accessible via the See Tickets Wallet app.


You must have a See Tickets account in order to place an order, if you are not logged in already, you will be prompted to log in mid booking. Once your booking has processed, you will be able to access your digital tickets by logging into the See Tickets wallet app, using the same email and password you would use to log into your See Account online.


Your tickets are digital and are only retrievable via the See Tickets Wallet mobile app. The ticket contains an animated image and can only be presented from within the app.


How to buy digital tickets


You must be logged into your See Tickets account in order to book tickets. If you are not logged in a message will pop up after you select the number/type of tickets required, at which point you either log in or register an account.


Once done it takes you to the delivery details page, this information will be reiterated in confirmation emails. You will then complete the booking as normal.


How can I access my digital tickets?


Within the app you log into your See Tickets account, and once logged in you can view your ticket. As an example, if you buy 4 tickets there will be 4 different QR codes and you just need to swipe across so each one can be scanned.


There is a moving banner so tickets cannot be screenshotted.


When will my tickets show in the See Tickets Wallet App?


Digital tickets will be available anytime up to one week prior to the event date. Please allow this time frame before getting in touch with us.


My tickets have been changed to digital tickets, what do I do?


If your tickets have been switched from paper tickets to digital tickets, customers will need to install our wallet and download their ticket.


The process is simple and detailed below -


1) Login to your See Tickets account here,

If you do not have a See Tickets account then you will need to create one here. Please note that you will have to create your account using the same email address used to make the order.

2) Please ensure that you have downloaded the See Tickets Wallet App and not the See Tickets Box office app. You can find the correct app to download for Google Play here and the App Store here.


3) Log in to your See Tickets account and click the account settings.

4) Then click the 'orders' tab.



5) Follow the link to import the order to your account.


6) Once you have successfully imported the order to your account you will then need to login to the See Wallet App to access your Digital Tickets. It is really important that you login to the See Wallet App using the email address associated with your See account otherwise the tickets will not show in the app.


If you have done all of the above and the tickets are still not showing in the app, then do not panic as we will be able to help you. All you need to do is get in touch here and we will promptly respond to your query.


Can I change my digital tickets to E-ticket, physical tickets or collect them from the  box office? 


Digital tickets cannot be sent via email, printed and cannot be collected at the venue so please ensure the app is set up prior to the event and your mobile phone has sufficient battery charge upon arrival.


Can I share my Digital Ticket?


If you have Digital Tickets and you are no longer able to attend, you are welcome to pass the ticket on to friends/family (Please check event T&C's to see if there are any restrictions on this).  To do this, the new attendee will need to download the See Tickets Wallet app, and enter the email address of the original customer to transfer the ticket to their wallet app. Next to the ticket number on the app wallet, you will see the Share button. The attendee will also need to have an account too.


I cannot log in to the See Tickets Wallet mobile app. 


  • Ensure that you have downloaded the See Tickets Wallet mobile app and not the See Tickets Box office USA mobile app.


  • Check that you are using the same email address associated with your See Tickets account. This may vary from the email address you used to place the order/send the confirmation email to. If your account is linked to Facebook/Spotify and you are unsure of the email address linked to your See account then please contact us at http://www.seetickets.com/CustomerService


If you have any questions regarding your tickets, please contact us by tracking your order and fill out the customer service contact form.


App download links:

iOS - https://apps.apple.com/app/id1477319091

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.seetickets.Wallet